I don’t NEED a partner. Neither do you, I bet.

  • Shows me more pleasure than I ever found on my own before him.
  • Brings surprise into my life (sometimes in ways I am NOT happy about).
  • Makes me feel special and significant for being EXACTLY who I am — even as I grow and change.
  • CONNECTS with me in love and friendship and sexuality.
  • Inspires me to grow to always be better for him and for us.
  • Allows me to give all of this back to him as well.

Did you know, for example, that I don’t like masturbation?

I am not morally or ethically against it.

The fact of the matter is: I don’t NEED a partner.

Not to survive. Not to live. Not to grow. Not even to be happy. Not to explore the world. Not to make friends. Not to pursue hobbies. Not to do crazy, kinky pervy things.

I have discovered that I also don’t NEED multiple partners.

But I want them.

You don’t NEED a partner, either, I bet.

But I’d guess that you also have that need for connection — whatever it looks like inside you. And I’d also guess that you have your own list of psychological bits and bobs that a partner (or multiple partners) could add to your life.

What are your thoughts?

Do you need a partner? What do you need from a partner? What do you need to provide to a partner?



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Nookie @ Dating Kinky

Nookie @ Dating Kinky

Writing about healthy and fun sex, ethical non-monogamy and kink for everyone, running a kinky dating site at https://datingkinky.com, and exploring life.