Today In Butts: Are Rectums Self-Lubricating?

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3 min readJan 23, 2020


Someone on Facebook asked:

Can your ass get wet? I slept with my SO tonight and he woke up with a boner, so he started rubbing himself against me. I said I wanted it in and his reply was like “I wanna go back door and I can’t be arsed to grab the lube”. He was just pestering me the whole time with his dick and tapping me with a finger, but didn’t get it in. At some point I found myself soaking wet. He could just get it in without even starting with his fingers or anything and he’s well endowed. I was as surprised as he was. Can a butt really get wet or was it more a product of my horny desperation?

First, let me say that if you have a partner who can’t be bothered to get lube, but is also well-endowed AND into poking you in the ass in the middle of the night, well…your choice.

I would have a serious discussion about the physiology of the rectum.

Speaking of…

The rectum DOES NOT self-lubricate for penetration.

There are other ways you can feel like it might. Your anus does have mucus glands that are MOST OFTEN stimulated to help pass solid waste. This mucus is a bit slippery and slimy.

It’s not made for continuous friction, though, and does not replace lubricant in butt play.

Also, depending on your diet, your rectum can pass other substances that might feel wet and not terribly poopy (we’re not talking diarrhea, here). Those of us who lived through the low-fat craze and Olestra® commercials will remember the anal leakage warnings.

Here it gets a bit gross…if you’ve irritated your rectum enough, inflamed areas can produce extra puss that will make your butt stuff feel wet it if breaks.

Also, an anal fistula is an abnormal connection between the anus and surrounding tissues, and can develop from an anal abscess if the infection spreads. It can make wetness from tissues or organs appear in the anus.

And of course, there is blood. I’m hoping that would be recognized and immediately cared for.

And there you have it.

Oh, and wetness from the vagina or pre-cum can create a feeling of wetness as well. Still not enough, from my perspective, but y’all have a right to choose your poisons.

Vaginal juices are not meant to be used outside the vaginal canal and like getting them on your skin, they will begin to dry. Even when it feels wet, it is drying and losing viscosity, and therefore it’s protection for your sensitive parts.

The skin inside your anus is the THINNEST skin on your body accessible from the exterior.

Thinner even than the skin inside your cheeks.

Because it’s not supposed to be accessed, even though it’s pleasurable. LOL!

So it is easily damaged and can tear, which is why lube is critically important.

I talk about this and SOOOOO much more in my new book, The Big Book of Ass, released this month.




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